Design a professional Logo

Logo is the cornerstone of the brand's identity. The costumer will notice your logo before noticing any other information about you, so it’s very important that your logo will stand out and make a great first impression, with us you will get the best logo for many decades to come.

Use our Tailor made professional skills to design you the best logo, icon or graphics, including infographics. You will receive an high-end, top logo that every top brands would be proud of. A logo that will make your customers take notice.

Collective Impact Logo

Logo Design for collective Impact

Delicio - bakery logo design

Delicio logo

Chef Leo logo

How we Make a Logo

In order to design a professional logo, we work in a creative museum environment, with several brains in action, cooperating in order to get to perfection. Just contact us and give us some information about your business and our logo team will do the rest of the job.

Creating logo with Infografing's team in less than a week.

  1. Information of your business or organization, describing your business and what you do.

  2. Choose the type of logo – Initial Based, Icon Based, Text Logo, Illustration. 

  3. Describe us your design taste or style, with which expression you wish to reveal yourself?

  4. Our logo designers creates 3 versions of a logo, directly to your taste,  or buy a new version for a cheaper price.

  5. Lastly customize your selected version and download it.

Logo and Icon design for websites and print

Logo design for web optimization and branding, design of both website logos and print logos. info-graphics and icons, exactly as you need them. Surely you need the best Logo Design and Graphic Design for your business or organization, with us you'll get the best results for your efficient presence on the web and outside in the street or magazine.

Gmax Logo

Logo Design for Gmax

Art Eco Logo

Logo Design for Art Eco

Branding your business made easy with infografing!

Perfect graphic design for web optimization, design of website sections, info-graphics, logo design and icons. Branding your business made easy with infografing!

Our design studio includes more optimal options

When you choose to use Infografing, you don’t need to just get a logo, but all the graphic language your business requires, in order to be constantly recognizable. You can get the access to our full design studio options, and create the desirable design of tailor made, top graphics.

Crayonics Logo

Logo Design for Crayonics

Graphic Design and Illustrations for OpticGain

Info graphics and Graphics Design

Graphic design and logo design for businesses

Graphic design and logo design for internet ads

Graphic design for exhibitions